Who is ANDI?

No it isn’t a person… it is a guide to help us navigate what foods are most nutritious for the calories they impart. Aggregate Nutrient Density Index (ANDI) was created by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and introduced in his book, Eat For Health and Eat Right America Nutritarian Handbook. A score is calculated by dividing nutrient amount by the calorie of the food to produce a health value  H=(N/C). Maximum score is 1000 and minimum is 0. Some foods that score 1000 are the usual suspects like mustard greens, kale and watercress. Surprisingly, bok choy and radishes score very high too! Meats and seafood score below 50, that is to be expected. Read more with Dr. Fuhrman’s link, . Trying to feed our families in an  efficient and smarter way!