Don’t we always struggle

to find a healthy snack? Sometimes I need more than a piece of fruit to get me through! It’s okay for me to cheat but when it comes to my kids, I wish I could give them some better options.

My eldest loves granola bars, and although I always knew that the store bought ones were not the best especially in terms of sugar content, I never really did much about it because I tried to make my own once and no one liked them, so that was that! Well yesterday, I tried again, and knowing what I put in them, I think we should all try again.

I once made these with buckwheat as someone told me it was better for you, but it was just too hard to chew so went back to good old fashioned oats! This time I used coconut oil instead of butter.

I also used honey, greatly reducing the amount of processed sugar. I added freshly dried coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, nuts, flax meal, chia seeds and finally dates for natural sweetness and a lovely chewy fruit texture. When the batch was cooked, I cut them into bars, wrapped them up individually, gave them to my kids and asked them to share with their friends – ensuring that no one suffered from NUT ALLERGIES.

I also made extra and I use it as granola in the mornings with yogurt and honey.

Here is my favorite recipe. Add more of anything that you like, especially the seeds. Remember to keep the sugar low!