Who we are

Born out of a mutual affection for sharing and perfecting delicious food, long-term friends and self-professed culinary enthusiasts , Sandra Rhow-Haik and Wendy Hegglin have teamed up to bring DIVINE’s unique creations directly into your homes.

These dedicated Hong Kong-based mums are fully au fait with the challenges of presenting delicious, healthy meals to their loved ones each day and juggling super busy, modern lifestyles.  That’s why each and every bottle of DIVINE marinade and sauce contains only the finest quality ingredients and nothing remotely artificial.  That’s the DM promise!

A tantalizing fusion of modern fare and mouth-watering traditional Korean recipes (passed to young Sandra in the kitchens of her grandmother, mother and aunts…), DIVINE’s superb line-up of marinades and sauces are as rich and flavoursome as the heritage that inspired them.

Marinades, sauces and other edibles that make eating heavenly... Isn't that just divine.

Passionate About Food

Moms Wanting the Best

Asian Food Explorers

These passionate women have banned the use of preservatives, or anything else artificial and have replaced them with measures of love, oodles of wholesome fresh ingredients and authentic secrets passed down through generations.

Inspired by happy visions of family and friends relishing in the joy, comfort and pleasure of premium home-cooked cuisine, Sandra and Wendy proudly invite you to delight in their superb products.

Once tried, they hope your appetite for DIVINE will become as insatiable as theirs!

Why choose Divine Products


Select a bottle of Halmoni’s Divine and add to the protein of your choice…so easy.


We have 6 selections with more to come…look for our other great products too.


You will recognize every ingredient that we use…all found in your own pantry.


Marinate and grill..it’s that quick but most importantly, it’s that delicious.


Whether your preference is savory, sweet or spicy, we have a favourite for you.


Use our flavours on meats, vegetables. legumes or anything you desire. All products are suitable for vegans.


Feeding your family what we feed ours. Three generations of wholesome recipes.


No preservatives or additives because your loved ones deserve the best.